• lago santo

    parco nazionale appennino tosco/emiliano

  • isola palmaria

    Parco regionale di portovenere

  • vinca

    parco regionale delle alpi apuane

  • riomaggiore

    Parco Nazionale delle cinque terre

  • bagnone

    lunigiana - la valle dei 100 castelli

  • campocecina

    parco regionale delle alpi apuane

who we are

A group of hiking guides that works in Lunigiana, a valley where you can experienced a journey back in time. Is a landscape suspended in the past, a green land with chestnut, rich of clean streams. It has been for century a passageway and a border through the Via Francigena. This is why there are several castles, fortresses and fortified villages emphasize these horizons. Close to the major cities art's like Pisa and Lucca, the Cinque terre national park, the Bay of Poets just for mention few places, this hidden corner of Tuscany deserve a visit and we would be pleased to accompany you.

walk with us

we offer several kind of excursion


Walking and looking around you the different landscapes

Several parks

We are surrounded by so many parks that you can find easely what fit for you.

Pic nic on the top

A taylored excursion on the top eating the local food

highlighted excursion

giaredo gorges

Discover a hidden place immersed in water and nature

3 hours 15 Persone

anello di riomaggiore

Unconventional 5 land as you never see

6 hours 10+ Persone

What Our Custumers say

I've managed to stay in Lunigiana only few days but I've discovered a wonderful place tht deserve more time.


Here again and not see everything at all, but these guides are able to give me the desire to return soon.


taylored excursion

Pick a excursion that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans offer different landscapes


Escursioni nel Parco Nazionale dell'Appennino Tosco/Emiliano


Escursioni nel Parco regionale delle Alpi Apuane, il parco dell'uomo e le sue cave.


Escursioni lungo la via Francigena e i borghi della Lunigiana, MAB Unesco

come with us

discover this region tucked away at the northern tip of Tuscany


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